Why should I hire a divorce lawyer?

Why should I hire a divorce lawyer?Help! I need help with my divorce!

Because your problems become your attorney’s problems now.

You think about your divorce and family law issues all of the time. But you have never done this before. So obviously fear is a reaction to the divorce.

When you hire a divorce attorney, they take your problems on, and they worry about it, and you can decrease your panic about the situation. Because now you have someone to shoulder your problems.

Divorce attorneys do not know everything. We are not perfect. But if you have a divorce lawyer that devotes their career to family law, that attorney will know how to handle your divorce issue better than any layperson will.

Many people have to deal with divorce, and many feel they can handle it better than an attorney. Sometimes they roll the dice, and it works out. But many times they roll the dice, go at it alone, or hire the cheapest non-divorce lawyer they can find. We unfortunately have seen this situation so many times.

Do dentists see that their clients decided to give themselves a root canal or a crown? I don’t think they come across this as much as divorce lawyers that see people that decide to go at it on their own.

Do neurologists ever say, I don’t understand why people keep coming in doing their own brain surgery? No, to that one.

So, why would you deal with a legal proceeding on your own that can affect your wages potentially for many many years, your children, your home, your retirement and your overall quality of life?

We shoulder your burdens so you don’t have to.