Why should I get a prenup?


The question we have heard so many times is,

Why Should I get a Prenup?

The question really is: “why not?”

Ok. I’m sure some responses might be —-> cost!

But how much are you paying for table linens?

And those passed hors-d’oeuvres?

I think there is even a chance you are going to pay for special embossed-logo’d napkins off of Pinterest that you found.

Why let the State of Florida’s ever-changing divorce laws write your prenup? Because that is what you are doing.

You are telling Florida, “Hey! Florida! In the off-chance we divorce, we would like for you to decide EVERYTHING!!!!!”

Or – if you get a prenup you can say, “Florida, I love you. You are a wonderful state. I love living here. But stay out of my business!”

Why not?

It’s not a new concept.

But so many people DO NOT embrace it and they have Florida decide for them.

Let’s do something different.

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