When am I going to get to see my kids?

Florida wants you to see your children — it’s just a matter of time for us to work on you seeing them.

So, the question still is “When am I going to get to see my kids?”When am I going to get to see my Kids?

We are presented with this issue, from all different angles from all different people of all different backgrounds and it is universally very, very tough for a parent to deal with this question and the resulting answer of “please trust the process”.

We understand that the time it may take can be excruciating. But there are certain issues that need to be dealt with first no matter the situation, if you have not seen the children in a while.

A transition schedule may be necessary. Your child’s best interest are paramount. Not yours.

So we move it in the right direction, and even though it may take time, the overwhelming majority of cases see reunification with their children (except in some cases involving abuse, neglect or other extreme circumstances).

We can also speak to you about whether your case is one that this appropriate to file an emergency motion.

So the answer to ‘When am I going to get to see my kids?’ is “as soon is appropriate for your child”.

The Court may have to make that decision if you spouse/other parent is preventing contact for whatever reason. Again, this can take some time, but we know it’s worth it. So there is no time like the present to get this process started.

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