What is paternity?

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What is Paternity?

A paternity proceeding may be brought by any woman, married or unmarried, who is pregnant or who has given birth, by the state if the mother has received public assistance for the child, by a child, or by any man who has reason to believe that he is the father of a child.

Department of Revenue/Child Support Enforcement routinely becomes involved in paternity, dependent support and child support enforcement matters, especially when a party is receiving state aid. The Office is prepared to handle these issues.

Normally in these proceedings with the Department of Revenue and/or Administrative Support Orders, time-sharing /custody is not dealt with. The Department of Revenue cases normally deal with child support, health insurance and retroactive child support.

Therefore, you will normally need to file a separate case in the circuit court in order to establish time-sharing, parental responsibility and other rights besides child support.

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