What Do Family Law Attorneys Do?

Florida Family Law and Divorce Help

Family Law and Divorce Lawyers help guide people through some of the worst times of their lives.

People many times liken a divorce to the same grieving process as if a close family member or spouse has passed away.

There are so many scary and foreign feelings that well up inside of people during a divorce or a contested family law matter.

We are here to be a voice of reason.

To be someone to lean on.

We are counselors-at-law and that is what we do.

We are lawyers who advocate for you in court. William S. Foley, PA is a trial trained and litigation experienced firm. We don’t stand down. We fight for you in your toughest hour.

But we are also counselors.

We are not trained psychologists, but we are counselors at law.

We give you advice, guidance and assistance along the path that you are going down.

Sometimes people just want to be heard.

We listen.

We are here for you.

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