Temporary Custody by an Extended Family Member

Temporary Custody by an Extended Family Member

What is temporary custody by an extended family member?

Foley Family Law handles Temporary Custody by Extended Family Member cases in Florida.
Florida Statute 751 details the requirements for a temporary custody matter and the two different forms of temporary custody by an extended family member:

1) Temporary Custody and
2) Concurrent Custody.

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Temporary custody by an extended family member allows a relative to take custody of a minor child for a temporary period.


  • 👨‍👧‍👦 Temporary custody is typically sought by family members related by blood or marriage to the child.
  • 👨‍⚖️ The temporary custody statute is meant to provide a temporary solution until the parents are able to resume custody.
  • 🏫 Temporary custody grants the right to make educational and medical decisions for the child.
  • 👴🏼 Concurrent custody allows both the family member and the parents to have custody at the same time.
  • 📑 The statute allows for filing a petition for temporary custody or coming to an agreement with the parents.


basically it’s if you are an extended family member related by blood or marriage to the minor child uh it’s petitioning for temporary custody so again we’re talking about family members so that’s an important thing to remember you know sometimes it’s grandma sometimes as an aunt sometimes an uncle you know so somebody
else in the family that needs to take custody temporary custody okay so that’s the operative word there uh remember that the temporary custody statute is is meant to be just that it’s it’s for a temporary fix it’s supposed to be for when the either one of the parents or both of the parents or whatever
gets back up on their feet and kind of gets into that direction that you know they move to uh get rid of the temporary custody order and there’s two different types of temporary custody under that statute 751 in florida so the first is temporary custody so it’s it’s you have the rights you can sign up for school
um you know you can bring the doctor’s appointments you can do the things that they need to be done and you have you know kind of an order stating that you have temporary custody of of an extended family member the other one is it’s called concurrent custody so basically it’s temporary concurrent custody that
you and the parents or maybe the grandparents and the parents all have concurrent custody together so that way again these things can be accomplished you know bringing to doctors appointments signing up for school uh different things that are you know come up during the everyday course of of uh helping out with raising a child
but again it’s not usually meant as a permanent fix but it is something that the statutes allow for filing for petition for temporary custody by an extended family member or agreeing to a settlement on an agreement between the parents and that extended family member so we’re right around two minutes
i think i went over apologize profusely but again this is uh this is william s foley from williams foley pa have a great day
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