What is Temporary alimony

What is Temporary alimony?

One final form of alimony to be aware of is temporary alimony.

This type of alimony is codified in Florida Statute 61.071, and is referred to as “alimony pendente lite.”

Temporary alimony is given during the proceeding of a dissolution of marriage.

Typically, it will be awarded at an early stage of the dissolution, because the asking party needs it, and they need it sooner than later.

The court will award temporary alimony through the need and ability test, and when permanent alimony is barred by contract.

If you feel that you had to pay excessive temporary alimony, don’t worry, you may be able to later go back and ask the court to retroactively correct the mistake. 

If you have questions about temporary alimony in the a temporary relief or temporary support hearing, give us a call at 813-272-2345.

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