Your Trusted Tampa Contempt and Enforcement Lawyer

Navigating the post-judgment landscape can be daunting, especially when court orders or judgments aren’t being followed. At our Tampa law firm, we specialize in contempt and enforcement matters, ensuring your rights are upheld and court mandates are adhered to.

Your Trusted Tampa Contempt and Enforcement Lawyer

What is Contempt?
When an individual knowingly disobeys a court order, they can be held in contempt. This could relate to various orders like child support payments, visitation schedules, or alimony. Our adept lawyers can help file contempt actions against non-compliant parties, ensuring the court’s directives are followed to the letter.

Need Enforcement Action in Tampa?
If you’ve received a judgment or court order and the other party isn’t complying, we’ll be your fiercest advocates, ensuring that the court’s directives are enforced effectively and promptly.

Why Choose Our Tampa Contempt and Enforcement Services?

In-depth Knowledge
With years of experience in Tampa’s legal circuit, our lawyers possess a profound understanding of Florida’s contempt and enforcement regulations.

Result-driven Approach
We’re committed to ensuring that court orders, from child support to alimony payments, are strictly adhered to. Our approach is laser-focused on achieving your desired outcomes.

Tailored Solutions
Every contempt and enforcement case is unique. We offer bespoke solutions suited to your specific needs and circumstances.

Constant Communication
Stay updated with every development in your case. Our team believes in transparent, consistent, and open communication.

Areas of Experience

Child Support Enforcement
Ensuring the obligated party remains accountable and adheres to child support orders.

Alimony & Spousal Support
Ensuring you or your ex-spouse complies with alimony arrangements as ordered by the court.

Property Division Enforcement:
Assisting in the enforcement of property division orders post-divorce.

Custody & Visitation Rights
Protecting your parental rights and ensuring court-ordered custody and visitation schedules are respected.

FAQ's on Contempt and Enforcement

Foley Family Law can initiate post-judgment actions to collect alimony and child support in arrears, whether in an enforcement proceeding or a proceeding for contempt of a court order.
We are experienced in enforcing court orders and are creative in finding solutions to your enforcement needs. Court orders are just that. They are the ORDER of the Court. They must be followed. But it can be complicated to force a party that chooses to disobey the law. Therefore, it is important to approach these issues correctly, as the disobedience of a Court Order can be devastating. Enforcement measures can also be used for children’s issues as well. The most frequent children’s issue that contempt/enforcement is used for is enforcement of child support. But there are other remedies available for enforcement or contempt dealing with time-sharing issues and parental responsibility matters. We can also represent those that have contempt and enforcement hearings instituted against them and need representation. Contempt and Enforcement proceedings can be used for a myriad of different legal issues in the family law arena. However, contempt is usually not available for property distribution issues. This is usually an enforcement issue. This is important, as various remedies are available to enforce a court order, and parties’ rights can be affected dramatically depending on the outcome of these hearings.

Get the Legal Support You Need in Tampa

Don’t let non-compliance with court orders hinder your peace of mind. With our expert contempt and enforcement lawyers in Tampa, rest assured that your rights will be fervently protected and court mandates enforced.



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