Have you been served with an Injunction?

Or do you need help to filing one?

If the answer to the question is YES, then start calling attorneys immediately!

Injunctions are a very important area of family law as the impact of these cases can have long-term consequences.

Foley Family Law represents both ‘Petitioners’ and ‘Respondents’ in Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, Stalking, Dating Violence, and Repeat Violence Injunction hearings.

We represent those that are in need of an injunction (aka “restraining order”) in all injunction situations.

Even if you have filed pro se (without an attorney), we can still represent you for the return hearing that the Court sets in your case.

Domestic Violence Injunctions are governed by Florida Statute 741.30 and involve some of the toughest issues in all of family law.

Some of these injunctions deal with issues involving minor children and can therefore affect individuals’ rights with regard to custody/time-sharing, support, and child support.

Call the office today if you are involved in a Domestic Violence Injunction in the Tampa Bay area.

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Repeat, Florida Statute governs sexual and Dating Violence Injunctions 784.046 and are also important, and the preparation for these hearings are no less complicated or important than Domestic Violence Injunctions. These injunction hearings and temporary injunctions need to be taken seriously. You should speak with an attorney immediately if you are a petitioner or respondent in any of these cases.

Stalking injunctions are a newer form of an injunction proceeding, and the Firm has experience in this area of the law. How to get a stalking injunction in Florida. These cases are somewhat different from the other injunctions as they are governed by Criminal Statute 784.0485. The burden is different from a domestic violence injunction, so it is imperative to speak to an attorney skilled in injunction hearings about these injunctions. What is Stalking? Read HERE for more info.

For more info, click here: What type of restraining order should I file?

The Office treats these matters as EMERGENCIES, as when a potential client calls with these issues, their hearing is normally only 1-2 weeks away. As we focus on family law and are accustomed to these emergency situations, if William S. Foley’s trial calendar is able to be accommodated, we can even represent a client when their return hearing is the next day or only a couple of days away.

Retaining William S. Foley the day before your injunction hearing should only be done in extreme circumstances (i.e., the Court set a short time frame for a return hearing, or you were served very close to the hearing) as the preparation necessary for these hearings is no less than any other major trial that may impact your livelihood or safety. Additionally, it may be necessary to subpoena witnesses, police officers, and police reports or obtain evidence before the hearing, which can take time. For example, deputies will require a 5-day advanced notice to subpoena them to a hearing in Hillsborough County.

There are no guarantees in family law, but experience has shown that if you do not take these hearings seriously and think you can retain a lawyer after the final hearing to “fix” things, you will be seriously dismayed at the hurdles and sometimes roadblocks in trying to remedy an injunction that either should have been entered but was not or an injunction that you fought by yourself and lost, and now you have to deal with the repercussions for a very long time.

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