Contested Divorce

Contested Divorces are dissolution of marriage proceedings in which the parties do not agree on one or more specific issues. The Office is experienced at handling these contested cases in the courtroom and at the mediation table.

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Foley Family Law are Tampa Divorce Attorneys and after dedicating their career to Divorce and Family Law. William S. Foley and his associates have consulted with thousands of people going through family law and divorce issues and with this experience, they have seen how painful Divorce and Family law matters can become.

The Office does not wish to downplay the heartache and emotional impact that divorce has on everyone. It has long-lasting effects on clients, families, children, and everyone around the situation.

Therefore, the experience the Foley Family Law has gained in this area is the realization that divorces can be less painful if both parties are being reasonable about their specific situation.


Well, in an effort not to sugar-coat the situation, then you may have to have a judge decide your case. There is no way to force someone into a settlement. It must be a voluntary and willing negotiation and settlement, therefore, if the other side wishes to maintain a completely unreasonable stance then there may be no other option than to proceed to trial.


There are certain issues in the divorce and family law arena that even if both parties are being reasonable, sometimes it is necessary to have a judge decide these issues.

The Judges’ jobs are to help people decide when they are not able to. This is necessary in some situations and the office has experience in litigating matters when either one side is not being reasonable, or even with two reasonable positions, the parties feel the need to proceed to trial.

William S. Foley can tell you if your case may be the type of case with the type of issues that may be necessary to litigate.


William S. Foley, P.A. feels it is important to charge reasonable fees and costs in the litigation and settlement of divorce and family law matters. The office sends out regular billing statements and invoices so clients know exactly how the office is proceeding in their case and where their retainers are at. Each client is quoted an initial retainer at the initial consultation and the billing process is detailed in the retainer agreement the client is provided and signs prior to retaining.

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William S. Foley, P.A. provides clients with high-quality representation in heated alimony, property, or children’s issues cases. The majority of the Divorce matters the Office handles are contested on one or more issues at one point during the case, therefore the Office has a wealth of experience in dealing with these types of Divorce matters.

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