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As of July 1, 2023, Alimony has dramatically changed in Florida. The alimony reform bill in 2023 has changed the entire landscape of alimony and these changes are still something that attorneys and judges all over Florida are eager to see how the application of the new statute will help streamline cases throughout the years.

Permanent alimony is no longer a form of alimony that you can request in Florida. There are still a number of other forms of alimony in Florida:

Durationaltemporarybridge-the-gaplump-sum, and rehabilitative. Read more about how Florida determines alimony

Tampa Alimony Lawyer

Understanding Alimony in Tampa, Florida

Alimony, or spousal support, is designed to help a lower-earning spouse maintain a similar standard of living after divorce. In Tampa and throughout Florida, several factors influence alimony decisions:

 – Length of the marriage
– Financial resources of each party
– Standard of living established during the marriage
– Age and physical/emotional condition of both parties
–  Other factors which the Court takes into consideration in an alimony case.

Our Tampa alimony attorneys ensure that your interests are well-represented, whether you’re seeking alimony or need assistance with an existing order.

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FAQ's on alimony

The Florida Statutes provide the framework for alimony rights and determinations. Since the statute change there is now guidance on not only the caluculation of the length of alimony (percentage of the length of the marriage) but also the amount of alimony to be paid. These changes have been helpful since the passage of the alimony reform law in being able to more accurately counsel clients of what options a Judge has available to them if your Florida alimony case goes to trial.

Generally, no. Spouses must continue to pay alimony even if they file bankruptcy.

This includes the payment of past due alimony. Section 523 is entitled “Exceptions to discharge.” A person cannot discharge (or get rid) of the debts listed in that section. Subsection (a)(5) states that a spouse cannot discharge a “domestic support obligation.”

The bankruptcy code defines domestic support obligation at 11 U.S.C. 101(14A), and it includes obligations that are in the nature of alimony, maintenance, or support of a spouse or former spouse.

Sometimes, parties will disagree with what is truly “alimony” or a domestic support obligation. For example, what if the state divorce court makes a spouse pay his or her spouses’ attorneys’ fees and costs in the divorce case?
If the bankruptcy court rules the a all or a portion of the alimony is not truly a domestic support obligation, then the spouse could possibly modify that obligation or get rid of it in the bankruptcy case. Click here to read our full blog article.

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Divorce is never easy, but with the right legal advocate by your side, the path to a brighter future can become clearer. Whether you’re facing complex asset divisions, alimony, child custody battles, or simply seeking amicable resolutions, we are committed to supporting and representing you every step of the way.



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