Why should I hire a divorce lawyer?

Why should I hire a divorce lawyer? Because your problems become your attorney’s problems now. You think about your divorce and family law issues all of the time. But you have never done this before. So obviously fear is a reaction to the divorce. When you hire a divorce attorney, they take your problems on, […]

What is Temporary alimony

What is Temporary alimony? One final form of alimony to be aware of is temporary alimony. This type of alimony is codified in Florida Statute 61.071, and is referred to as “alimony pendente lite.” Temporary alimony is given during the proceeding of a dissolution of marriage. Typically, it will be awarded at an early stage […]

How do I get Rehabilitative Alimony in Florida?

How do I get Rehabilitative Alimony in Florida? Rehabilitative alimony’s goal is to bring the payee as close as possible to being able to support themselves, instead of indefinitely having to rely on their ex. Rehabilitative alimony allows the asking spouse to receive provisional support so that they can redevelop a skill, or pursue a […]

Do I get half of my stuff during divorce in Florida?

Do I get half of my stuff during divorce in Florida? Florida Statute Chapter 61.075 governs equitable distribution of property, assets and liabilities. The courts take a stance that upon marriage, everything that is put into the marriage, including property, assets and liabilities, until the date that the parties file for divorce is all part […]

Texting during divorce

Put Down the Phone! In this article, we look at why parties going through a divorce will frequently make the same mistakes time and time again when it comes to damaging text messages and lapses in judgment when texting their soon-to-be-ex spouse. Texting is easy. “Oops…” “I didn’t mean to say that” It takes usually […]

MLB Paternity List

MLB Paternity List Many fans of America’s favorite past time were surprised to hear about this when it first surfaced in the news in early 2014 – I know this author was – but it’s true, Major League baseball has a “Paternity List” which allows players to lawfully leave a team when their spouse is in […]

I want an aggressive attorney!

I want an aggressive attorney! How many advertisements have you heard with this slogan? But come on, this is not what you want. What do you want? —–You want a dedicated attorney—- An attorney that knows what they are doing. Dedicated to their craft. An attorney that cares about your case and is experienced enough […]