Do I need an attorney for a prenuptial agreement?

Do I need an attorney for a prenuptial agreement? Can’t we just do it ourselves? Simple answer —> NO You should NOT do it on your own. That is something the court is always looking at. In the eyes of the law, marriage is a contract between two people. A premarital agreement is also a […]

When should I get a prenup?

When should I get a prenup? We hear this ALOT! Unfortunately, this is many times asked a week before the wedding ceremony. This is not a great timeframe for us to draft the prenup. We may be looking at drafting a postnuptial agreement if you come to us so close to the wedding. The court […]

What should be covered in a prenup?

What should be covered in a prenup? The specific needs of each couple will vary. But, the Florida statute recognizes: – the need to contract on property, – spousal support (you should speak to an attorney regarding the state of the Law in Florida on temporary support, as this is a tricky area of the […]

Is my prenup valid?

Is my prenup valid? Many potential clients come to asking if their prenuptial agreement or their premarital agreement is valid. They want to know if what they signed will hold up in court later on. So, are there specific requirements to make a premarital agreement valid? Yes. Under Florida law, among other requirements, a premarital agreement […]

What is the difference between a prenup and a premarital agreement?

What is the difference between a prenup and a premarital agreement? Nothing significant…A pre-nuptial, or premarital agreement, is an agreement between two prospective spouses made before marriage and becomes effective when you and your spouse marry. So even though these agreements can have different names (prenup, prenuptial agreement or premarital agreement) they all mean the same thing. In Florida […]

Why should I get a prenup?

Why should I get a prenup? No one should enter into a marriage anticipating failure but premarital agreements (aka prenups) protect both parties and their families should something go wrong. Some of the advantages are that prenups and postnups can help to avoid extensive litigation costs. So, why should I get a prenup? You are telling the state of […]

Why should I get a prenup?

  The question we have heard so many times is, Why Should I get a Prenup? The question really is: “why not?” Ok. I’m sure some responses might be —-> cost! But how much are you paying for table linens? And those passed hors-d’oeuvres? I think there is even a chance you are going to […]