What happens to my stuff during a Divorce?

How does Florida split my stuff? Florida Statute Chapter 61.075 governs equitable distribution of property, assets and liabilities. The courts take a stance that upon marriage, everything that is put into the marriage, including property, assets and liabilities, until the date that the parties file for divorce is all part of the marital pot. Initially, […]

Texting during divorce

Put Down the Phone! In this article, we look at why parties going through a divorce will frequently make the same mistakes time and time again when it comes to damaging text messages and lapses in judgment when texting their soon-to-be-ex spouse. Texting is easy. “Oops…” “I didn’t mean to say that” It takes usually […]

William S Foley – Organizational Experience

William S Foley – Organizational Experience Professional Associations and Memberships: Hillsborough County Bar Association * Member, Marital & Family Law Section The Florida Bar * Member, Mediation and Collaborative Law Committee of the Family Law Section (2011 – Present) * Member, Membership Committee of the Family Law Section (2010 – 2011) * Young Lawyer Division […]

Premarital Agreement v Postnuptial Agreement

Does it have to be done before we are married? A premarital agreement must be completed and signed before the marriage to be a “pre-marital” agreement. Only premarital agreements fall under the UPAA guidelines. But a “post-marital” agreement (or Postnuptial Agreement) can be drafted at anytime during the marriage and can accomplish the same objectives […]

What should be covered in a prenup?

What should be covered in a prenup? The specific needs of each couple will vary. But, the Florida statute recognizes: – the need to contract on property, – spousal support (you should speak to an attorney regarding the state of the Law in Florida on temporary support, as this is a tricky area of the […]

Is my prenup valid?

Is my prenup valid? Many potential clients come to asking if their prenuptial agreement or their premarital agreement is valid. They want to know if what they signed will hold up in court later on. So, are there specific requirements to make a premarital agreement valid? Yes. Under Florida law, among other requirements, a premarital agreement […]

Why should I get a prenup?

  The question we have heard so many times is, Why Should I get a Prenup? The question really is: “why not?” Ok. I’m sure some responses might be —-> cost! But how much are you paying for table linens? And those passed hors-d’oeuvres? I think there is even a chance you are going to […]