Do I need an attorney for a prenuptial agreement?

Do I need an attorney for a prenuptial agreement? Can’t we just do it ourselves? Simple answer —> NO You should NOT do it on your own. That is something the court is always looking at. In the eyes of the law, marriage is a contract between two people. A premarital agreement is also a […]

How does Florida determine alimony

How does florida determine alimony?     There are two things to be aware of when a party is asking for alimony. First, the court looks the monetary need of the asking spouse, and the ability to pay of the paying spouse. If the court determines that a need and ability to pay exist, (that […]

What is Permanent Alimony?

What is Permanent Alimony? Permanent periodic alimony is alimony for life in Florida. Unless it is modified or terminated. So if you are requesting or agreeing to permanent alimony – it means just that- permanent! And you thought “til death do us part,” would cease to be once your divorce was finalized. Permanent periodic alimony […]

Florida child support calculator

How does Florida set child support? By a Florida child support calculator. Here is a helpful link to a calculator: Florida Child Support Calculator Unlike alimony (which currently has no calculator in Florida), child support is figured out by a statutory equation. It’s a an equation that you put in some variables: net income, overnights, child […]

What if I need support, but I don’t want a divorce?

Sometimes when parties are married they choose for whatever reason not to proceed forward with a divorce but they still separate. As there is no legal separation in Florida, one method used is to file an action called “support unconnected with a divorce” in order to receive support without filing for the divorce. This is […]

Our Firm Mission Statement

“We are here to help” Our Firm Mission Statement is short, but accurate. We feel that our main goal is “to help.” We pride ourselves in stellar service to our clients. We understand how hard this experience of calling an attorney to let out some of your rawest feelings. Our firm wants to help you […]

What should be covered in a prenup?

What should be covered in a prenup? The specific needs of each couple will vary. But, the Florida statute recognizes: – the need to contract on property, – spousal support (you should speak to an attorney regarding the state of the Law in Florida on temporary support, as this is a tricky area of the […]

Florida Alimony Lawyer

One area of divorce that may become contested during some point in divorce matters is Alimony. Alimony is a complicated area of divorce law that it is important to speak to an attorney about your options if you willing be paying alimony or if you may be receiving alimony. The Florida Statutes provide the framework for alimony rights […]