Should I file for divorce without an attorney?

Should I file for Divorce without an Attorney?

Filing for Divorce
Should I file for Divorce without an Attorney?

Generally, No.

Of course there will be those situations if there are no children, no assets, no liability, no marital residence, no real difference in income, and a short term marriage that may be appropriate for a simplified divorce files without attorneys.

But the vast majority of couples that divorce should have an attorney involved.

Now in Florida we can only represent one side. We have to advocate for someone.

But we can take you and your spouse’s wishes into consideration.

You make the final decision.

Not every divorce needs to be a “scorched earth” approach to resolving something so important as this.

So, do you need an attorney?

Ask yourself about what you spent at your wedding? What did you pay the linens supplier? How about the videographer? Or the photographer? This was for one night. This was one ceremony.

A divorce resolves your issues with your children until they are adults.

It cements your financial distribution picture.

An attorney helps you sleep at night through this scary process.

A divorce dictates what you will be able to spend and save for a very long time.

So, ask yourself if your future is important.

I think you will agree that paying an attorney to guide you through this loss of a relationship is one of the most important things you can do right now.

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