What is the Risk in Fixed Fees Divorce?

Tampa Bay SkylineThe risk is with the attorneys.

Let us take the risk.

You have enough to deal with right now.

You want to know how much the Divorce will cost. You want to know “What is my total exposure for fees?”

Our Firm will take the risk.

Not everyone will do that. Not everyone will give you a rock solid price that won’t fluctuate for attorneys fees.

Some firms may offer flat fee uncontested divorces, we offer those too.

But we go a step further — We offer Fixed Fees contested divorce, Fixed Fees Contested Family Law matters, Fixed Fees prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, Fixed Fees Collaborative Divorces. How many firms in Florida do that?

We are OK being alone in this belief that this is the way to practice law.

If we make the mistake in the fixed fees quote for how much it will cost, well, that is our problem now.

We have capped your attorneys fees in a Fixed Fees Divorce.

There is no weaseling out of it now for the attorneys. Our firm will honor the quote.

Let us take the risk.

Call us and ask for a Fixed Fees Divorce.

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