Why should I retain a Collaborative Divorce Lawyer?

Why should I retain a Collaborative Divorce Lawyer?Collaborative Divorce

Some people think that a collaborative divorce is appropriate for their situation, when it may actually not be appropriate.

But the greater percentage have never even heard of collaborative divorce, or if they have don’t know the benefits. So this is an article to go over some of the benefits of Collaborative Divorce.

Some benefits of Collaborative Divorce:

A. Humane Divorce — Some people feel that the normal way of litigation is a very impersonal stress-inducing, sometimes pretty traumatizing event that occurs in their life. Collaborative divorce is not the easy thing to do and is still challenging, but is a much more humane way of dealing with such an emotional time in someone’s life.

B. Team Approach — In a collaborative divorce everybody in the team, which would be the two attorneys, the two parties and two experts, one financial and one mental health expert, work together as a team to get to an agreement. So, during team meetings where all six of the team members will sit around the table and try to make sure they can figure out what it is the parties and their children and their lives best interest.

C. No posturing — What makes this so much different than a normal divorce proceeding is that the aspect of attorneys posturing back and forth and other litigation tactics are not necessary and are not used as they are working towards a final resolution.

D. Carrot at the end of the stick — The carrot at the end of the stick the parties to follow through to conclusion is that if the parties do not settle during the collaborative process, they must fire their attorneys and the experts and start all over to file for divorce. So, this is much different than a normal divorce proceeding and it entices people to try to find a way, if at all possible, to settle. There’s different statistics that we’ve seen, but it appears that somewhere between 90 to 95 percent of collaborative divorce cases ultimately settle and are successful.

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