What is the Price?

That’s the question, right? Well, we are up front about our consultation rates and you will see below we that we provide ranges for Divorce matters. Many firms around Florida do not provide information on their website giving you this information. We are different. We choose to be up front. The reason why there is a range is that each retainer fee is tailored to your specific set of circumstances.

To ascertain an appropriate amount for an initial retainer for your case the attorney must conduct an initial consultation to speak with you about your case. To contact the firm to set a consultation, call our main number at (813) 272-2345 and enter extension 1 to set up a consultation.

Our initial consultation fee is $150.00 – $350.00 for an in-depth initial consultation over the telephone that usually lasts approximately 30-45 minutes. This is a confidential consultation where William S. Foley, Esq. speaks with you about the background of your case, gives you information about the law firm, sets up a plan for you if you decide to retain the firm and discusses the retainer process with you. Since no two cases are the same, we must tailor each plan for your specific set circumstances and therefore the fees are different in each case depending on the circumstances of your case.

If you decide that retaining Foley Family Law | William S. Foley, P.A. is right for you, an initial retainer fee will be quoted (the fee will be determined at the time of the initial consultation) which will secure your legal representation and initiate the proceeding after the retainer process is completed. Upon execution of the retainer agreement and payment of the initial deposit you will then be a client of the firm and you will receive your new client homework for the process to being.

Your initial retainer fee is for attorney’s fees and costs, this is what the office bills each team member’s hourly rate against during the course of your case. We feel it is important to discuss with you the fees and costs prior to you retaining the firm.

We feel it is extremely important to understand that an initial retainer is just that, an initial amount to retain the office. There may be additional retainers, and/or trial retainers, if your initial retainer is depleted during the course of litigation, or if your case is set for trial. At anytime during your case, we request that you speak to us about the status and our goal is to keep you informed about your fees as we know this is an important aspect of litigation for all of our clients.

A common question is what is a normal initial retainer, again, unfortunately, it does depend as each case is different and your consultation tailors your retainer to your goals, but as a general range:

Uncontested Divorce initial retainers

$3,800 - $10,000+

Starts at
Goes Up To

Depending on complexity of case, a higher retainer may be required

Contested and Complex Divorce litigation Initial Retainer

$5,000 - $20,000+

Starts at
Goes Up To

Depending on complexity of case, a higher initial retainer may be required

collaborative divorce initial retainer

$7,500 - $20,000+

Starts at
Goes Up To

Although in some complex cases, a higher initial retainer may be required

pre-divorce planning initial retainer

$2,000 - $10,000+

Starts at
Goes Up To

Although in some cases, a higher retainer may be required

Other matters have different initial retainer amounts, but the above are our most commonly quoted cases, and we hope this gives you some insight into the reasoning for your initial retainer quote.

Again, when an initial retainer is depleted, we may require an additional retainer(s) and/or a trial retainer, so the initial retainer, while it is refundable, is NOT a flat fee and is our minimum fee in order to be involved in your case.


As the Firm provides services in Name Changes throughout all of Florida (from Pensacola down to Miami),  the retainers for Name Changes are different than the retainers set forth above for other Family Law matters as the Name Change process is significantly different than divorce, custody or paternity proceedings. Please contact the office for a tailored quote on a Name change case for yourself, your child, or your family. 



We take all the major credit and debit cards as payment, as well as cash, check, and wire transfers.


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