I want an aggressive attorney!

I want an aggressive attorney!Aggressive Attorney

How many advertisements have you heard with this slogan?

But come on, this is not what you want.

What do you want?

—–You want a dedicated attorney—-

An attorney that knows what they are doing.

Dedicated to their craft.

An attorney that cares about your case and is experienced enough to know what to do with it.

So, why do attorneys keep saying “We are aggressive!” and why do potential clients keep coming in and saying they want an aggressive attorney? Because, the majority of attorneys are pretty darn aggressive.

In the area of law I focus on, family law, it is a divisive and contested area. Attorneys as a whole will take a side and vehemently fight for their client. We owe our clients dedication. So attorneys as a whole have a somewhat driven personality.

I know that personally I am a very competitive person that absolutely HATES to lose. This is a common trait among lawyers (not all, but it is common) but if you don’t have that yearning inside to advocate for your client and to do your best in the courtroom, maybe you shouldn’t be litigating.

Law is about choosing sides.

It’s about fighting for your client.

Lawyers go to law school because they want to fight. They want to fight for their client. They want to argue. They believe they are logical so they think this will be a great fit.

Therefore, when you are looking for an attorney; if the attorney is leaning over the desk and screaming at you and trying to play an aggressive role or act, then please look past that.

What we do as family attorneys (if you go to an attorney that has done all family law for more than 5 years) is aggressive.

—–We fight for you—–

We unfortunately make enemies. It’s part of the job.

So please, look at dedication to your case and fit with your attorney, someone that isn’t going to waste your money, rather than an attorney trying to play the part and railing on and on about things that in the end, are only going to cost you money.

Find someone that cares about your goals and gives a roadmap on how to accomplish your goals.

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