I live out of state but my divorce is in Florida

I need a Divorce Lawyer in FloridaI live out of state, but my divorce is in florida! Can you help me?

Yes! Absolutely!

William S. Foley, P.A. can help you with Florida cases, as the Office only practices in Florida.

Therefore, if you have a Florida Divorce or Family Law case then the Office has the ability to assist you even though you may be currently out of state.

We are Florida divorce lawyers and we use an online cloud-based case management system, telephonic contact, email, the internet, fax communication and at times, if the Court approves, telephonic appearances in Court, for clients out-of-state.

Additionally, William S. Foley is a Divorce Attorney that practices in courts all around Florida.

Please be aware some counties may include additional travel fees needed to travel longer distances.

However, the Office is able to help you even if you can’t make it to our downtown Tampa office. If you would like to have an ‘in-person’ consultation and live out of state please inquire about having your initial consultation using SKYPE.

If you have SKYPE installed on your computer the office may be able set up the consultation using this technology.

Some clients wish to know who their attorney will be and would like to have a more personal consultation rather than over the phone. If you would like to have a divorce or family law with a tampa divorce lawyer using skype please call (813) 272-2345 today.

Give us a call today to set up a initial consultation if you live outside of Hillsborough County. We can help!

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