How do I get Rehabilitative Alimony in Florida?

How do I get Rehabilitative Alimony in Florida?Alimony Lawyer

Rehabilitative alimony’s goal is to bring the payee as close as possible to being able to support themselves, instead of indefinitely having to rely on their ex. Rehabilitative alimony allows the asking spouse to receive provisional support so that they can redevelop a skill, or pursue a new one.

Much like “bridge the gap” alimony, rehabilitative alimony needs a set plan; where the supported spouse presents evidence to the court that the skill they are pursuing is viable.

One reason the courts like rehabilitative alimony is because they want to promote a party supporting themselves as closely as they can, to their needs while in the marriage. Another thought process is that the spouse should be able to bring themselves to a level that they would have been at if they had not sacrificed their time and effort into the marriage, instead of a career.

If the court believes a party is able to better support themselves through rehabilitative alimony, they are likely to explore this route.

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