How do I ask for a prenup?

How do I ask for a Prenup?

What is a NOT-romantic question that you can ask prior to marriage?

“Honey, should we get a prenup?”Fixed Fees Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

Yup. That doesn’t really set the mood for a night of romantic bliss. That probably sets the mood for a night of your fiancé to be on google, researching their options.

BUT – There is a but, a big but….even though it’s about as romantic as colonoscopy, it’s really necessary.

But for who?

Does everyone need a prenup?

Hmmm….that’s a tough question. In your hypothetical marriage if you start out with nothing and end with nothing, yea, it might not be as necessary.

But if you start out with anything of value, or a soon-to-be spouse has significant debt or assets it starts to move towards the suggestion that yes — You might need to be super un-romantic tonight.

Also let’s say that you married Mark Zuckerburg before Facebook, yea, he might not have had a ton of money before he had that little idea called Facebook, but afterwords, yes… prenup = necessary.

Protecting businesses, protecting assets, protecting assets, delineating each parties rights and obligation upon divorce (my favorite one, as setting up a game plan upon divorce makes it so much easier for everyone) are situations where a prenup can be absolutely necessary.

So even though what you are walking into the marriage may be minimal (or not), it’s still a good idea to set up a game plan for that situation where you have to walk down the the aisle… of the courthouse divorce court that is.

So you still want to know, “How do I ask for a prenup?”

You do. Right now. Walk away from the computer.

The longer you wait, the more problems you will have.

If you have any questions, give Florida Prenup Lawyer William S. Foley a call at (813) 272-2345 right now.

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