Hourly vs Fixed Fees: The Showdown!

We still offer hourly fee representation, so we get it that some people might be skeptical about fixed fees cases as hourly billing is still the norm.

Well, so were beepers until cell phones really took hold…

and then there was Steve Jobs and that silly idea of a smartphone.

Is Fixed Fees the new iPhone?

Maybe. Maybe not.

But it is better than a beeper (aka Hourly Fees)

Hourly fees put the risk on you as the client. But in Fixed Fees, you know what you are spending.

Continuances won’t charge you more. Continued hearings won’t charge you more. We won’t charge you more than what we say you will pay during your initial consultation.

Can your attorney say that?

Can your attorney tell you exactly what you will pay for attorney fees from here until eternity (or the end of the case— which I know sometimes feels like eternity) and the answer is No.

Florida has yet to see the light on this topic.

We are pushing forward with this idea.

We get pushback, we get questions from other attorneys, “Well aren’t you as the attorneys gonna get hosed if you don’t quote enough?”

Yup. We are taking that chance. We’ve been doing this long enough that coupled with this new idea of Fixed Fees Divorce in Florida, we can tell you exactly what you will pay for attorney fees. And then we will take the risk.

This is what we do. Why shouldn’t we take the risk?

Do you practice law? Have you done hundreds and hundreds of divorces? No? Well, then why is the risk with you? Why do you have to GUESS what your fees might be at the end of the case?

So hourly billing still exists in Florida, it probably will for a very long time. But some people still use beepers.

Use your iPhone and give us a call.

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