Florida Family Law Attorneys Fees

Turn attorney fees upside downWe want to turn pricing of Family Law matters in Florida upside-down

We are reinventing Florida Family Law Attorneys Fees all over the state.

Fixed Fees.

That means that you pay set prices for all family law matters in Florida

It’s a notion that you deserve.

You can purchase an airline ticket for a set price (well, sometimes you will get some baggage fees, but you get the point) why can’t you get legal services at a set price as well?

We think you deserve more.

Most attorneys only will offer hourly retainers for contested divorce and family law matters, NOT US. We offer Fixed Fees for all Divorce and Family Law matters.

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We offer fixed fees for all family law matters. We are reinventing Florida Family Law Attorneys Fees.

Not just uncontested divorce matters, we offer for contested divorce and contested family law matters as well.

What are some matters that we offer Fixed Fees on?

 * Divorces of all kinds (contested, uncontested, military, collaborative, everything!), Paternity, Child Support, Modifications, Enforcement, Relocation, Department of revenue matters, Domestic Violence Injunctions, Prenuptial Agreements, Post-nuptial Agreements, Mediation, Name Changes, Alimony, Time-sharing, Temporary Custody – so, the short answer is ALL Family Law matters!

We still offer hourly retainers as well, so be sure to ask for a Fixed Fees Retainer during your consultation if you are interested.

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