Fixed Fees Collaborative Divorce Florida FAQ

Divorcing Couple Standing by Word DivorceSo how do you quote Collaborative Divorce Fixed Fees?

Easy! Same as our contested divorce and family law matters. We quote you during the consultation an upfront stage 1 fee that is due upon retaining and then you will have 2 other stage payments. So it is a different structure than our contested divorce quotes as there are less stages as collaborative divorces are ideally supposed to not last as long as a litigation based divorce.

What if we settle after the 1st collaborative divorce team meeting?

Well, then whatever you were supposed to pay up until that point is all that you will owe. So it gives everyone the motivation to get this over with as efficiently as possible!

What is the deal with expert fees in a fixed fees divorce?

It is the same as a contested divorce where you will be owing all costs to third parties as these are separate from attorneys fees.

The fixed fees model that we use is for you to know what your attorneys fees will be throughout the case. The costs associated with filing fees, depositions, court reporters, investigative fees, subpoenas, etc. are all to be paid by you as necessary. Some of these fixed fees cases won’t incur any costs except for a filing fee.

However, in a collaborative situation experts are recommended (a financial expert and a mental health expert) and these costs would be born by you and your spouse which are separate from the fixed attorney fees as discussed on this site.


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