What is a paternity proceeding?

A paternity proceeding is a legal action to determine whether a man is the father of a child, and to confer the rights and duties associated with that child to the respective parents.


So how do I get rights for my child?

While the primary purpose of the proceeding tends to require the father to provide support for his child, the issue of time-sharing and parental responsibility may also be addressed.


Many  people do not understand that you have to affirmatively move forward in the court system in order to asset rights with your child if you are a father in Florida.

The rights do NOT automatically attach, as many people would believe. If you are married to your wife, then yes, you have equal rights to your child. BUT,

and this is a BIG BUT,

if you are not married, you…do…not…have…rights…to…your..own…child…as…an…unmarried….father.

As a mother, you have more rights than the unmarried father.

But as the father, without a time-sharing/custody order, your rights are…well, you can pay support and that’s about it.

So, how do you actually get to see your own child?

How do you become a part of the child’s life?

How can you assert that right in court?

You move forward in court.

You file a paternity proceeding.


So what is that? Click HERE