What is durational alimony?


Durational alimony is a broadly used temporary alimony.


Durational alimony in Florida is alimony that is set for a specific period of time.


Codified into law in 2010, durational alimony allows the court to use its power to grant economic assistance to a party for a short period of time following the dissolution of a marriage.

After permanent alimony was taken out of the Florida statute in 2023, durational alimony has become the most common alimony form for marriages that are not considered short-term.

To be awarded durational alimony, a party does not need to provide a reason like in “bridge the gap” or rehabilitative alimony. However, the normal alimony analysis of Need versus Ability to Pay needs to be dissected when the court determines a Durational Alimony request. 

The calculation of the length of the time frame for durational alimony has been specified by the Florida alimony statute as reformed in 2023, which sets the appropriate range for the length of durational alimony based on the length of the marriage.

The calculation of the amount of alimony has also been revamped by the 2023 alimony reform statute, and there is a greater instructive benefit for attorneys to be able to counsel their clients as to the range of alimony that a Judge can order if your alimony case ends up going to trial. This has proved to be helpful in negotiations and in preparation for trial after the entry of the 2023 alimony reform law in Florida.



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