Complex Divorce Litigation

We handle High Profile Complex Divorces

Complex Divorce litigation

William S. Foley has experience negotiating and litigating High Profile, complex, high-net-worth, high-asset, and high-income divorces. These cases have problems and goals specific to only these types of divorces.

William S. Foley believes in The Reasonable Divorce, so no matter what type of issues you have, William S. Foley’s goal is to find a reasonable resolution.

Property Division

The methods for fair property division between divorcing spouses are complex and still evolving.

If the husband and wife can agree, their terms may be incorporated into the divorce agreement upon approval of the Court. If an agreement cannot be reached between the husband and wife, the Court has broad discretion to fashion an equitable dissolution of a marital party’s financial resources based on the need and ability of each party and the role played by each during the marriage.

There are various ways that marital assets can be divided, and each divorce’s division will depend on the individual assets of two divorcing spouses.

William S. Foley, P.A. can prepare an equitable distribution chart during your high asset case for you to review the assets and liabilities in your marital estate. This is an easy way for you to review the assets and liabilities which are to be allocated in your divorce proceeding. Most high-asset clients find it easier to review the charts to determine what distribution they wish to proceed with at mediation and, if necessary, later at trial.

Contested Divorce Issues

Please click here to be taken to the Contested Divorce page for other contested divorce issues relevant to your High Income, High-Asset, or Complex Litigation divorce case.

Divorce Software

William S. Foley has up-to-date software to assist in the litigation and preparation of your high-income and high-asset cases.

The Office’s software can assist in property division, child support calculations, parenting plans, and other helpful areas.

Your preparation for your case will begin the day you retain, continue throughout the discovery and litigation process, and culminate in either a trial or settlement based on your best interests.

Business Valuations

These cases in which business valuations may be involved, as well as other valuation and forensic analysis, will likely need the advice of a forensic expert to assist on the matter.

Foley Family Law will introduce you to forensic experts to suit your needs and the needs of your case.

Professional Practices

If you are a professional who also is worried about your practice and the impact your divorce may have on your law, medical, accounting, or other professional practice and/or business, please call today to discuss the specifics of your case.

In some cases involving businesses and other professional practices, it may be necessary to engage the office for pre-divorce planning to determine the risks and liabilities if you decide to file for divorce at this time.

It is important to understand that everyone’s situation is different, and what may work for one professional may not work for the next, so it is sound advice to speak with an attorney who focuses their career on divorce and family law for advice on these potentially complicated issues.

Celebrity and Sports Figures

Consultations with Celebrities, Sports Figures, and other High Profile clients are usually much different than the normal divorce consultation, as many issues affect a public figure that may not affect those not in the public eye.

These cases can sometimes become media cases where it is important to have an attorney representing your best interests and looking out for your career.

Complex Divorce Initial Consultation

Your confidential initial consultation will be tailored to your divorce situation.  During the consultation, we discuss the background of your case, Florida law on the issues in your high net worth and complex litigation matter, and how Foley Family Law would proceed in your case.

At the time of the consultation, a retainer amount will be quoted to you. Upon payment and signing the retainer agreement, you will be provided with the appropriate documentation to begin the process.

Call a Tampa Divorce Lawyer, William S. Foley, today to discuss your complex divorce litigation for your high net worth, celebrity, professional practice, or a complex divorce.

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