These are our 6 types of divorce cases we deal with:

Contested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce

High Asset or Complex Divorce

Military Divorce

Collaborative Divorce

Fixed Fees Divorce

We believe in The Reasonable Divorce.Divorce Lawyer

We understand that going through a divorce is a trying and difficult time that involves more than simply legal problems.

If you are contemplating a divorce, William S. Foley, a Tampa Divorce Lawyer will handle all of the legal aspects of the divorce in addition to guiding you through other non-legal aspects.

We truly do believe in a Reasonable Divorce and we can help you through this time.


WILLIAM S. FOLEY, P.A. also handles high income and substantial asset cases, Click for more info.

We want the divorce to proceed with a minimal level of confrontation, especially if children are involved. We will provide you with contact information for local organizations and counseling that can offer support to both you and your family throughout the dissolution. Click Here for Sesame Street’s video on explaining Divorce for children.

William S. Foley, P.A. handles all of the above types of divorces. It is important to remember that the type of divorce class dictates the amount of the time the Office will spend on your divorce and the amount of the initial retainer for your divorce matter.

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The Office does offer payment plans in certain situations, please inquire with the Office if your case is eligible for a payment plan.

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The Office believes in “The Reasonable Divorce which William S. Foley advocates is the mindset that every divorce has the ability to be reasonable, it just takes reasonable people to accomplish that goal.

 William S. Foley is a Tampa Divorce Lawyer and Tampa Family Law Attorney that believes in The Reasonable Divorce and wishes to speak with you about how to get to other side of your divorce without losing everything.

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What should I ask an attorney during my divorce initial consultation?

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