Child Support Calculation


What is the formula for Child Support?


But let’s break it down a little bit …The determination of child support payments is often an issue of available resources, and can include wage and salary income, compensation for personal services, interest, dividends, royalties, self-employment and rental income.

Hmmm… it’s getting more complicated.

These calculations always vary and will be calculated by the Office based on your family’s specific financial situation.

Ok, not it’s getting rough as it varies.

As you have seen within this site, there are also DEVIATIONS from the statute in florida that are important to take into account.

William S. Foley, PA has successfully advocated for deviations upwards and downwards from the child support guidelines amount in front of the judges in Florida.

We can’t guarantee we can deviate your child support, but you should at least know what you can ask for from the court.


What about NON-PAYMENT OF child support?

Federal legislation and uniform state laws exist to make the enforcement and collection of child support easier for single parents.

Not only does the Office work to ensure that the needed amount of support will be provided, but we can assist you in the process necessary for enforcement or contempt when the Court Order awarding support is not complied with.


William S. Foley, P.A. uses state-of-the-art Child Support Calculation software and discusses with you the different variables that lead to the calculation of guideline child support.

Some of the variables that the Court looks at are: Net Income, Deductions, Number of overnights, health care insurance, day care/afterschool costs, uncovered medical expenses.

There are just some of the basic areas that are taken into account when the Court calculates child support. Please talk to the office about your specific situation as there are other factors and combinations of factors which can effect the child support calculations.


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