Florida child support calculator

How does Florida set child support? By a Florida child support calculator. Here is a helpful link to a calculator: Florida Child Support Calculator Unlike alimony (which currently has no calculator in Florida), child support is figured out by a statutory equation. It’s a an equation that you put in some variables: net income, overnights, child […]

Can a child make their parents pay?

The Curious Case of Rachel Canning In early March 2014, an 18 year-old New Jersey native, Rachel Canning, brought suit against her parents in order to compel them to pay for her private school tuition and future college costs. According to official reports, Rachel had left home after refusing to abide by the “rules of […]

Child Support Calculation

  What is the formula for Child Support? Well, that’s easy —> CHILD SUPPORT CALCULATOR But let’s break it down a little bit …The determination of child support payments is often an issue of available resources, and can include wage and salary income, compensation for personal services, interest, dividends, royalties, self-employment and rental income. Hmmm… […]