Should I file for divorce without an attorney?

Should I file for Divorce without an Attorney? Generally, No. Of course there will be those situations if there are no children, no assets, no liability, no marital residence, no real difference in income, and a short term marriage that may be appropriate for a simplified divorce files without attorneys. But the vast majority of […]

What is a Case Management Conference?

  In Hillsborough County, Florida, when you file a new case in the Family Law Division, you receive what’s called an Order for a case management conference that’s set out normally 90 days from the date that you have filed. Also, when you reopen a case, the court normally will set a case management conference, […]

Who leaves the house during a divorce?

Who leaves the house during the divorce? Many times, no one. I think people would be surprised at the number of people going through a contentious divorce end up still residing with their spouse throughout the entire proceeding. Shouldn’t someone have to leave? Why? Who says who had more right to the home that they […]

I need a Divorce Lawyer in Florida

Do you live out of state, but need a Florida Divorce Lawyer? We can help you out with that. Many times clients call and say “I need a Divorce Lawyer in Florida” but they live out of state, or sometimes out of the country. We have represented clients from all over the US and all […]

Why should I hire a divorce lawyer?

Why should I hire a divorce lawyer? Because your problems become your attorney’s problems now. You think about your divorce and family law issues all of the time. But you have never done this before. So obviously fear is a reaction to the divorce. When you hire a divorce attorney, they take your problems on, […]

Should I try to record my spouse during a divorce?

Misinformation: Wiretapping Should I try to record my spouse during a divorce, to catch them in the act? NO!!!!   Drop the recording device! Just because you have the ability to record your estranged spouse, doesn’t mean that you should. Not only will the courts likely not admit this evidence, but you can also be putting yourself […]

Do I get half of my stuff during divorce in Florida?

Do I get half of my stuff during divorce in Florida? Florida Statute Chapter 61.075 governs equitable distribution of property, assets and liabilities. The courts take a stance that upon marriage, everything that is put into the marriage, including property, assets and liabilities, until the date that the parties file for divorce is all part […]

Texting during divorce

Put Down the Phone! In this article, we look at why parties going through a divorce will frequently make the same mistakes time and time again when it comes to damaging text messages and lapses in judgment when texting their soon-to-be-ex spouse. Texting is easy. “Oops…” “I didn’t mean to say that” It takes usually […]