We are here to help.Collaborative Divorce

The mantra of our office is we are here to help you.

We believe in The Reasonable Divorce, and what that means is that if both parties are able to be reasonable about their lives, their property, their children, their finances and then we are here to help the parties come to an agreeable resolution.

We do know that some cases are unable to be settled and many times that’s due to one party being unreasonable – but not always. Sometimes, it’s just because both parties want the same exact thing, such as primary custody of the children.

So we do our best to suggest reasonable behavior, but in some circumstances both parties just want the exact same thing.

The firm firmly believes that the vast majority of cases where both parties are being reasonable that an agreement settlement is imminent.

We are here to help in all cases which the parties as well wish to be reasonable.

We feel our office has reasonable fees and reasonable staff to help you through your problems.

This does not mean that we work for free – as nothing in life is truly for free – and again the phrase as everyone has heard a million times – you get what you pay for – we are clearly a proponent in that phrase, that we feel we are worth what we charge and that it’s a reasonable fee.

We feel we can show you as well how we can be of help to you in your family law matter.

It can be divorce, paternity, child support or other related family law matter in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Polk, Manatee, Orange, Seminole, or Hernando counties.

We are here to help and to be there for you during this time in your life.

We understand it’s hard.

We understand it’s stressful.

We’ve had hundreds of cases that have helped us to be able to know how to deal with your specific situation which is different than everybody else’s situation.

We’re finely attuned to that, that we have to approach each situation differently and look it from the context of what our client’s goals are.

Again, if your goals are reasonable and your spouse’s goals are reasonable and there are two reasonable attorneys involved, we feel there’s a good opportunity for settlement so you can move on with your life, save money in the time being and create a better future for you and your children.

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we will help.