I met Bill back in 2008 when it was just him and Brandi. As like most I had a very interesting custody battle that I needed help with. From day one until we won in court Bill and team made the process very easy. I always felt reassured that things were moving in the right direction and watching him work in the court confirmed I made the right choice in Lawyer. I would highly recommend Bill and his growing team to anyone who needs help getting those tough times.

Best divorce lawyer money can buy.!.!..Helpful every step of the way. Always on time to court which to me was a big deal. Devoted to your case. When other attorneys seem to not give much thought. He gave a more personal level approach to my case. Best money I ever spent owe him one. Thanks again to him and his great team.

Mr. Foley prepared a prenuptial for me early in 2015, beginning about 2 months before my wedding. I didn’t realize at the time how challenging it could potentially be, beginning the process so late in game. Mr. Foley did a fantastic job expediting the process, and guiding me through the decisions that needed to be made, in order to construct a meaningful, fair, and legal prenuptial. With only the initial face-to-face meeting, he was able to handle the rest of the correspondence via the phone and email, per my request, which was very much appreciated! He completed the document and delivered it to my fiance in only 1 month, giving her a month to review and sign it before the wedding. She was busy with wedding planning, and as a result, began reviewing it several weeks later. She retained an attorney, and Mr. Foley worked extremely well with him and despite the difficult task of getting the document signed before the wedding, he was able to do it with several days to spare. I plan to use Mr. Foley’s services for any future family law matters, and would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone else as well!

I would recommend Bill Foley over any other attorney that is out there in family law. Bill is a very talented, honest individual that really gives your case the time and attention that it needs (and trust me, many don’t). Between him and his office assistant Brandie, I always knew where things were going, for better or worse. And this is really important when dealing with issues of child custody. There’s nothing worse than being blind while watching your family disintegrate, or wondering about how much time you might get with your child in the future. Even if the news is bad, being prepared for it helps a lot when it finally comes. Divorce is a rollercoaster of emotions…and it’s good to have some kind of anchor to keep you level-headed and on the ground. Bill was that anchor for me. However, there are so many more reasons why he does a great job. Bill has a keen eye for details that can really bolster a case. He takes the necessary time to comb through everything and understand your situation. And in a divorce, this can be extremely important. He is also willing to stand up and take on heat from the judge when he’s fighting for you. And at the end of the day, no matter what has happened, you know that he did everything he could for you. He’s a fighter. And he won’t give up. Finally, I’d like to say that unlike other attorneys that seem to become jaded and indifferent to their line of work, I always felt that he and Brandie really cared about my case. The world needs more people like them in this kind of field. They are a credit to their profession, and they should be very proud of what they do for the unfortunate individuals that wind up at their front door in these painful situations. Divorces are hard matters that should never be taken lightly. The end of a marriage is an event of great sorrow…and a good measure of compassion, patience and understanding must be possessed by any attorney that truly wishes to serve those who come to them in their time of need. Fortunately, Bill is a man that possesses those qualities. Trust me when I say that you can count on him.

Ask for : Kymberly Starr !! Kimberly is a rising star of William Foley’s firm. She completed my divorce within 10 weeks . I called her the great white shark with big teeth she doesn’t play games !! I Had a problem with the woman I just finished getting divorced from , calling me daily,harassing me daily,even harassing my job!
Kymberly Starr: wrote one warning letter explaining the consequences if this behavior did not ! Never again have I heard from that woman! Kimberly hourly rate is almost half the price of the top lawyers in Tampa.
You’re getting one of the top lawyers and Tampa with Kymberly Starr.
William Foley you have a diamond in the rough with this young lady!! I think the Foley firm
For quick and positive actions I highly recommend Kimberly Starr.

I’ve know William first as a friend and pre-law student. I hope I would never have to use a divorce attorney but I know he’s helped several of my referrals who’ve been in tough places in their lives. He’s truly someone you can count on to give you all the right information and make the process as easy as possible without the feeling of being thrown through the ringer. He personally handles each case and takes pride of his work and his clients confidentiality. His experience working with the top law firms before starting his own definitely has taken his level of experience in being one of the top tier family law attorneys in Tampa Bay.

I hired Mr. Foley to help me establish paternity, time-sharing, rights, etc. Mr. Foley is an excellent attorney with the necessary knowledge and understanding of family law in Hillsborough County. I encourage people to consult with Mr. Foley regarding their family issues. His prices are fair for the amount of attention and detail him and his office will provide. He will make himself available for a phone call or conference with short notice. His paralegal was always available to talk. If the case goes to trial, Mr. Foley is competent and diligent about his preparation. He is passionate about his clients and their well-being. For now my legal issues are resolved, but in case something changes, I will definitely reach out to Mr. Foley again!

A good, smart lawyer… more importantly, a very practical, common – sense, negotiator. A case that could have gone on for months, and drained me with legal fees, was concluded in a few weeks. I highly recommend him.

William S. Foley and his staff are professional people that handle their cases with a level of respect, knowledge, finesse, grace, and proficiency that are second to none in the Tampa Bay Area. When going through a difficult time, there is no one I would trust or recommend more than this office. William Foley made a difficult time much easier for me, and I am grateful that I was able to find such a dedicated and skilled individual.

The law office of William S. Foley made the difficult experience of divorce as pleasant as possible. They kept me very well informed every step of the way with nothing but kindness and were super helpful whenever needed! I would recommend them to anyone who is forced to go through the difficult process of divorce.
My main contact, Kymberly Starr was also exceptional!! She helped me get through the process with very little stress, and I can’t thank her enough for that!!!

William Foley provided professional and pertinent counsel during my collaborative divorce proceedings, where was an extremely stressful and emotional time. He devoted ample time for our preparation prior to going into collaborative sessions with opposing counsel. Mr. Foley’s staff was excellent and processed information back and forth in a timely manner. His experience as a trial lawyer was very useful during the collaborative sessions, because of a lack of cooperation from opposing counsel. Mr. Foley cared about me as a client, more so than winning the case for his own ego, which says a lot about his character and interests. I have recommended Mr. Foley and continue to do so, because of his insight and experience with divorce, collaborative divorce, and mediation.

I would highly recommend utilizing the services of William S. Foley to anybody that is going through a family law issue. He and his staff did an unbelievable job of making the very unpleasant experience of going through a divorce much more amicable and manageable. They did a wonderful job of walking me through the entire process from start to finish and eased a lot of my fears and hesitations. The entire staff was always readily available, and their knowledge and feedback regarding the law and my case was second to none. Mr. Foley’s years of experience and outstanding relationships with his peers in the Tampa Bay region allowed for me to get the fair treatment and results that we felt that I deserved.

William S. Foley and his staff are professional people that handle their cases with a level of respect, knowledge, finesse, grace, and proficiency that are second to none in the Tampa Bay Area. When going through a difficult time, there is no one I would trust or recommend more than this office. William Foley made a difficult time much easier for me, and I am grateful that I was able to find such a dedicated and skilled individual.

To Brian Dion P.A. and his invaluable team – Words cannot describe how grateful my wife and I are to you and the firm for taking on our case. In all honesty, we called six other law offices which turned us down flat due to the nature and complexity of this type of case and its unique knowledge specific nuances.
Due to Brian Dion’s excellent communication, analytical and research skills he was quick to take on our very complex case, starting by dissecting and organizing 3 years and 8 gigs worth of videos and social media screen shots worth of material in a very condensed time frame. Not to mention became very savvy with drone specific models / technology and FAA laws to meet and exceed our requirements and expectations for the case.
The favorable outcome of this case has positively affected our family and now we can get back to raising our sons and enjoying our privacy in our home once again.
Brian and his team were an invaluable asset to our defense and case.
Thank you, outstanding job.

I would recommend Kymberly! I had so many questions regarding my divorce. The legal jargon in the papers made no sense to me. She was patient and understanding. She went through it pretty much word for word and explained everything to me! She put my mind at ease with my divorce. She gave me the best advice and her time! Never in my life would I thought I would be needing the legal advice from a lawyer about divorce, but here I am, and I’m so glad I had Kymberly on my side! If you want someone patient, understanding, and willing to fight for you, I’d definitely pick her over and over again! Thanks Kymberly for everything you did for me!!

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