The main office is in Downtown Tampa? Where am I going to park? And where is the office? Ok, I got to the building, now where do I park?

The Office has reserved parking spots available for clients, please speak to the Office about the location and availability.

In addition, there are parking meters all around the building (some as low as $0.75 for two hours and some are $1.50 per hour) and a parking lot directly in back of the building that charges $4.00 per day for parking.

There is another parking lot that is $2.00 per day for parking that is close to the office as well. Please call the office and ask the Office’s office manager, Brandie Gilmore for any parking related questions.

When you park in the back of the barristers’ building, on the corner of Washington and Morgan streets, either in the parking lot or metered parking, there is a back entrance to the building.

Look for the maroon overhang in the back of the building which says ‘Barristers’ building’.

When you walk into this back entrance you will see an elevator which you will take up to the second floor.

We are in suite 205 near the end of the hallway.

Please come in and someone should greet you after you arrive.

You will be asked to take a seat and fill out the initial consultation paperwork and after the paperwork is filled out you will be taken back to meet with William S. Foley for your initial consultation.