What is the deal with lump sum alimony in Florida?

What is the deal with lump sum alimony in Florida? The courts have been given little guidance on how to award lump sum alimony. Lump sum alimony is often used by courts to liberally, ‘fill a need” they think that the asking party may deserve. Some parties also routinely agree to this option in their […]

How do I get Rehabilitative Alimony in Florida?

How do I get Rehabilitative Alimony in Florida? Rehabilitative alimony’s goal is to bring the payee as close as possible to being able to support themselves, instead of indefinitely having to rely on their ex. Rehabilitative alimony allows the asking spouse to receive provisional support so that they can redevelop a skill, or pursue a […]

Am I entitled to Bridge the gap alimony?

Am I entitled to Bridge the gap alimony? “Bridge the gap” alimony is based off the idea that two spouses living apart have more expenses than when they lived together. For example, take a cable bill. While married, a couple only had one cable bill, but because they separated, they now have two separate bills. […]

How does Florida determine alimony

How does florida determine alimony?     There are two things to be aware of when a party is asking for alimony. First, the court looks the monetary need of the asking spouse, and the ability to pay of the paying spouse. If the court determines that a need and ability to pay exist, (that […]

What is durational alimony?

What is durational alimony?   Durational alimony is a broadly used temporary alimony.   Durational alimony in Florida is alimony that is set for a specific period of time.   Codified into law in 2010, durational alimony allows the court to use its power to grant economic assistance to a party for a short period […]

What is Permanent Alimony?

What is Permanent Alimony? Permanent periodic alimony is alimony for life in Florida. Unless it is modified or terminated. So if you are requesting or agreeing to permanent alimony – it means just that- permanent! And you thought “til death do us part,” would cease to be once your divorce was finalized. Permanent periodic alimony […]

Florida child support calculator

How does Florida set child support? By a Florida child support calculator. Here is a helpful link to a calculator: Florida Child Support Calculator Unlike alimony (which currently has no calculator in Florida), child support is figured out by a statutory equation. It’s a an equation that you put in some variables: net income, overnights, child […]