Can a child make their parents pay?

The Curious Case of Rachel Canning In early March 2014, an 18 year-old New Jersey native, Rachel Canning, brought suit against her parents in order to compel them to pay for her private school tuition and future college costs. According to official reports, Rachel had left home after refusing to abide by the “rules of […]

MLB Paternity List

MLB Paternity List Many fans of America’s favorite past time were surprised to hear about this when it first surfaced in the news in early 2014 – I know this author was – but it’s true, Major League baseball has a “Paternity List” which allows players to lawfully leave a team when their spouse is in […]

I want an aggressive attorney!

I want an aggressive attorney! How many advertisements have you heard with this slogan? But come on, this is not what you want. What do you want? —–You want a dedicated attorney—- An attorney that knows what they are doing. Dedicated to their craft. An attorney that cares about your case and is experienced enough […]

Our Firm Mission Statement

“We are here to help” Our Firm Mission Statement is short, but accurate. We feel that our main goal is “to help.” We pride ourselves in stellar service to our clients. We understand how hard this experience of calling an attorney to let out some of your rawest feelings. Our firm wants to help you […]

William S Foley – Collaborative Divorce Lawyer Experience

Collaborative Divorce Experience, Training and Involvement: * Completed Basic Interdisciplinary Collaborative Divorce Training (2010) * Member, International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (2011) * Experience and successful completion of a number of Collaborative Divorce matters, Prenuptial Agreement matters &  Family Law cases all around Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties (2010 – 2015) Please click on our Collaborative […]