Why should I get a prenup?

  The question we have heard so many times is, Why Should I get a Prenup? The question really is: “why not?” Ok. I’m sure some responses might be —-> cost! But how much are you paying for table linens? And those passed hors-d’oeuvres? I think there is even a chance you are going to […]

What Do Family Law Attorneys Do?

What Do Family Law Attorneys Do? Family Law and Divorce Lawyers help guide people through some of the worst times of their lives. People many times liken a divorce to the same grieving process as if a close family member or spouse has passed away. There are so many scary and foreign feelings that well up inside […]

How do I ask for a prenup?

What is a NOT-romantic question that you can ask prior to marriage? “Honey, should we get a prenup?” Yup. That doesn’t really set the mood for a night of romantic bliss. That probably sets the mood for a night of your fiancé to be on google, researching their options. BUT – There is a but, a […]